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i am really loving this wedding stuff. I mean it's not fine art but it's exciting and fun and I'm working with some really awesome people. I got a flash and a new lens with great aperture, which makes taking pictures so much more fun now. kelly helped me out with letting me borrow some of her lenses! THANKS AGAIN KELLY!!!!!! it totally helped. I will add some pics later from today's wedding, from last week's I got two on facebook that are the best of the few I took on my card and two out of the 5 that were in RAW. which is like a godsend to shoot in. the ones from last week (the good ones) are on flickr. I'll add a fee more.

I got early to "work" today and they were thrilled. apparently they don't like the other assistant as much. the complaints so far:
is always "running late.
no motivation
cares only about the money
back talks
WAAAAAY too friendly with guests at the weddings

well for the first reason and dor the fact that I got early (which they LOOOOVE) they are paying me extra.
so tomorrow I am going to meet her durin gour workshop to bring us up to speed. honestly I am even more convinced ima kick her butt! i'm looking forward to meeting her....lol anyways
with all these weddings they need my help editing pics....well......my DUMB A** comp is totally DEAD...... almost. so... i need to take pics off of it and COMPLETELY REBOOT IT!!!

all i've got to say about that is AAAAAAGHAGHGHGHGHJDfkluvgilsutliubtvk; dgyawy4;fy8.o y8nhj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ngnnmm,h hjb

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GUESS WHAT!!! i submitted to the summer show at school and i got in. it had a theme so i figured it might be a little tricky! but here's what they want.
i am sooooo excited!!! i've always been too busy or would forget or something else owuld go wrong when i submit so I am so glad. and I love this image... SO YAY!! you'll have to go see it.  it'll be up in may

ohhhh crap!!!!............................help?

so i got home last night and i put my camera down and was talking to mom. all of a sudden BOOM ...oh crapppppppppppp!!!!!!

i look down my camera had fallen and the lens was off and everything to the side..... i totally broke the lens..my 18-55mm....it's crappy but i still need it. so ima have to order crap TODAY and hope it gets here by friday..... i need it bad!

so to buy today:
new lense 50mm
memory cards.

if anyone has a 18-55mm to le tme borrow for a canon i would greatly appreciate it. or even something else since my one and only lens is trashed.

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so last night i was hanging out with Kate and Andy and Travis.... and kate says" hey katie can't make the wedding tomorrow...wanna help?"

UH!!! YEAHHHH?!!>!?!?!? of course i wanna come.

so today i went and shot/assisted for 3 hours. IT was such a blast. oh man! ima try and post some uneditted pics later. but the bride was wonderful the place was gorgeous and the cameras were SUPER AWESOME! so yeah i am just so happy. they commented on my pics and said they were great.... YEAY!!!! i'm excited. this summer will be superb. and i might go camping with them. fun! they are just so awesome! i love it.LOVE IT! so yeah pics coming up. more weddings next week. gotta go order stuff and yeah! i'm soo happy right now....

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finals are killing me but i'm ok.... actually i am really happy right now! know why? because I am gonna do lots of photogrpahy this summer.... and get paid for it. last night I met with this couple I am gonna be their assistant/second shooter and I AM THRILLED!

funny thing is ima be one of two assisatants. so they figured out the girl isn't very great in photo and so they are having a paid training sesion thing to see how much we know and what we need to learn. IMA TOTALLY KICK HER BUTT! lol. jk but i am totally excited and it'll be fun. theya re a young couple very fun and energetic and we'll have a good time. I am just so glad ima be doingphotography finally as a job. I've been waiting for this for a while and finally ima get my foot in the door. they are very supportive and will have my bio link etc and pics from the weddings i am a second shooter. it'll be fun! i can't wait. so i am happy and this summer will be amazing. 

thought i should let y'all know. especially since i don't update much and every time i do it's to caomplain about not having work. lol

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i hate procrastinating and stalling...but i REALLY don't want to do this paper... and worse thing is... i have to do this paper first because it's due tuesday and because i'm stalling doing it i'm therefore stalling doing all other papers.... and studying for finals...good job V good job. so... been in a great photo taking mode... so check out some new stuff


there are a few things i need to get this summer
a new lens
a new flash
a website
and photo work


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I am gonna go insane!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!

I have one mroe week and then a day or so of finals and I swear i have never seen so much work in my life. to prove it:

finish and get the installation pictures ready to be kinkos'ed
meet with Women's studies professor for paper(basically for nothing) at 5:30

This weekend:
finish wst journal sunday
finish WST paper for tuesday
have interview friday(not school related but still something I have to do)
start studying for Photo hist final
start papers for photo hist and world lit

maybe babysit for the family i have interview with
print the installation
go instal installation at school
finish WST paper
try and finish Photo hist and world lit paper
study for final for photo hist

turn in wst paper
critique for photo assignment that didn't finish last tuesday
finish papers andstudying

finish papers for photo hist
finish papers for world lit
finish studying for photo hist

turn in World lit paper
turn in WSt journal
take photo hist final
crutique for photo installations

finish paper for photo hist
finish wst final
study for world lit

turn in photo hist paper

go for critique for photo installation(my day to present)

final forworld lit
turn in WSt final

and i'm done!!!

but all those papers aren't 3-5 pages they are 5-7 pages minimum....ummmmm really?! CRAP!!!! ithat's a lot of work. especiallt since I haven't read that many works in world lit to actually know what ima write about... and especially since Women's studies sucks....and especially since there's not that much info i can find on richard avedon and his fashion photography.... hmmmm so basically i have put myself in a corner that i cannot get out!!!! or it would be really hard to. my paper for WSt is crappy already and i have even started on it...she wanted me to narrow it down so much that i cannot find enough info on it. and i really need a decent grade in that class (like a B) in order not to lose hope. i will atleast get B's in the other classes, this one is the only one i'm worried about.so... let's go have some fun kiddies!

PEACE!! ima go away and freak out and cry for a bit. i've already cried twice this week. It's major stress i DO NOT know how to handle!